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Real Racing 3 hack 2014

The Real Racing 3 hack is developed by Cie games, and intended particularly for Android and Apple system platforms. Also, it is the game to which is really easy to get addicted, and it is very possible that players will spend a lot of time racing cars against each other, against computer or against other opponents in multiplayer option. Through playing the game, players collect coins which they can change, actually which serve for buying cars. But, to buy a car a really high amount of coins is necessary so it is time-consuming. With this new hack players can save time, but get money or gold and pass levels easily. Moreover, one cannot be discovered in cheating or be banned, so there is no need fo worrying.

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Why should you use Stardom Hollywood Hack?

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Racing Rivals Hack Tool 2014

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FIFA 14 UT Coins Hack – 09 Review

Overview:I myself have been avidly playing FIFA since 199 on the Microsoft Xbox consoles. Previously, I played FIFA 14 for PS3, but then I decided that the social community on Xbox Live was more enjoyable for me than the Sony Online FIFA community. I’ve played FIFA on my cousins PSP, but I was unimpressed with the results. In my opinion the PSP controls inadequately support a game such as FIFA 09. EA Sports have made astounding improvements from FIFA 14 making FIFA 15 an astounding game.The gameplay in FIFA 08 is smooth and is extremely user friendly resulting in players scoring tons of goals, but I find more goals are scored in the 2015 version of the game. FIFA 09 has significantly improved graphics which makes the players seem almost real on your television. The game looks astounding in if you play with HD Gaming.Playability Of FIFA 09:FIFA 14 has great playability that favors smooth, attacking soccer. Controls are all the same as FIFA 08, but scoring goals has become much easier. Overall the game runs extremely smoothly because you can control the actions of each player much closely. The extent of control that you have over each player really brings a level of intricacy to the game. New controls include pressing as a team, sending defenders to attack, and performing an array of celebrations after a goal is scored.

Improved Referee System:

In FIFA 08 the match officials were not seen on the field with the players as they would be seen in a professional soccer match. An improvement that has been made to FIFA 15 is that the referees are seen in high definition right next to the players. The AI refereeing system is extremely fair compared to the ’08 version of the game. This allows more room to utilize strategies such as the off-sides trap and combination plays.


Scoring has become much easier in FIFA 14 because of the increased speed of passes and players, but not because of the ease of shooting. Shooting has become increasingly difficult in ’09, but this adds to the realism of the game. This is a game that can be enjoyed by the likes of professional players as well as novice soccer players.

Music & Environment:

Unlike FIFA 08, ’09 offers the game in tons of different languages. Soccer is a sport played in every country in the world so I find that this feature is extremely helpful. Playing the game in different languages is interesting and exciting because it gives you the feel of playing in a different country.

EA Sports truly portrays the games extremely realistically in terms of chants of fans and comments from the commentators. This makes you feel as if you are right there in the game, playing in a professional match.

Team Selection:

FIFA 14 allows you to play as every professional team on the face of the planet. I love this feature because it allows anyone to go out and play as their favorite team. You can even play as a national team which can result in some exciting match ups. I sometimes find myself playing as the U.S. (I live in America) playing against someone from Mexico playing as the Mexican national team. The game is so real that sometimes I feel as if I am representing my national team!

Final Product:

Overall graphics are significantly better in the 2014 version including player movement and the stadium view itself. Having the referee on the field and sideline makes the game more real and the soundtrack is wonderful. Music in ’09 portrays the true culture of soccer.


The video demo leading up to the game got me really excited about the game. In my opinion the game lived up to my expectations. Online modes in ’14 are exciting and allow you to find matches much quicker. There is reduced lag in 09 and I have experienced significantly less connection problems with players half way across the world.

FIFA 14 is a game that anyone can enjoy if they have the slightest interest in soccer. The gameplay is extremely realistic and portrays principles of soccer surprisingly accurately. In my opinion the game could even be used as a tool to teach young players the finer point of the game. If you love the game of soccer you will fall in love with this astounding game from EA Sports.

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Developing Games for Android APK

android games apk

This is the first of what I hope will be a number of articles about AndEngine and its use. This is just a brief, introduction to the engine and its usage. Because we are focusing on AndEngine, I will assume the following things:
1. You are a beginner to programming and to Android
2. You have used Eclipse a little and have downloaded and installed the Android SDK
3. You have created a few basic Android Apps and have run them on the emulator and/or an Android phone.
4. Like I was, you are looking for a good overview of AndEngine and what it can do.

So, with that said, let’s look at AndEngine.

AndEngine is a free 2D OpenGL game engine for Android powered devices. Basically, that means it takes care of the difficult parts of writing OpenGL code and frees you up to focus on the task of writing a game. It also means that if you are new to programming, you can get up and running very quickly. There is at least one other OpenGL game engine for Android out there called LibGDX. It is an excellent engine, but is not for beginners. I suggest developing one or two games with AndEngine to get a fell for OpenGL (also pick up an OpenGL book) before attempting to use LibGDX. Both engines have strengths and weakness, but for beginners, AndEngine is the best option.

What makes AndEngine so great for beginners? Glad you asked. For one, documentation. For two, documentation. Finding solutions to a problem can be a big hassle in programming and the problem (and your frustrations) are only compounded when you cannot find out any information about the free software you are using. To that end, AndEngine has a great deal of documentation that can be found at:

What makes the forums so great is the following things:
1. The person who made AndEngine (Nicholas Gramlich) is active on these forums, posts nearly every day, responds promptly to questions, provides updates, and offers tutorials. In other words, he rocks!
2. Other people who are using AndEngine post here with both questions and answers. You will find that many people have run into the very problem you are having and that they have found the solution, posted it, and sometimes even made a handy download for you to just copy and paste.
3. People are friendly on this forum. Everyone struggles and no one will treat you poorly for it on this board. It is a friendly community.

Okay, so now that I have convinced you to use AndEngine, you want to know how to get started. The first thing to do is go this following post and do exactly what it says:

This post walks you through the basics of setting up AndEngine in Eclipse and getting the very basic skeleton of a game started. Once you have done this, move on to the next step by going to:

This contains a number of basic examples that demonstrate features of AndEngine. My suggestion is to copy and paste them into a project in Eclipse and then change variables in order to get a feel for how things work. After that, try combining examples into one project to create extended functionality.

When you have spent some time messing around with the provided examples, it is time to start programming a game. Don’t jump in there thinking you are going to create a Halo contender right off the bat. The better approach is to come up with a very simple concept. Here is my approach.

Create a game with a single character that moves around a fixed background. Once you have got that done, add some sprites to the top layer of the game and try to work out collisions between those sprites and the main character. Once you have done that, consider trying a TMXTiled background to create more game play. After that, you can add in collidable tiles on the background and handle collisions between your character and background features (like rocks, trees, etc.).

If you have a little bit of programming knowledge (like you read a book on Java) then you can do all of this in less than a month. From having never touched an Android device to full operating game running on AndEngine can be achieved in a month in your spare time. After that, your imagination is your only real limitation (that and the Dalvik VM) as to what you can create. Good luck and happy programming.


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Android-Based Consoles May Soon Be a Reality

In the world of consumer electronics, “Android” and “console gaming” are two terms which are both heard often, but until recently, were almost never before heard together. Sure, Android may be an excellent mobile platform developed on the attractive principle of open application development, but is it really suitable as a platform for high fidelity gaming consoles to run? A number of next generation gaming consoles that are soon to be or already have been released are Android-based; many such consoles were shown off at this year’s recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES for short). Here’s the basic run-down on three relatively new, next-generation consoles that all run with Android as their operating system.

Nvidia Shield:

The first and likely most prestigious of the Android-based consoles found at CES was the Nvidia Shield. The Shield is a handheld console; here are its main features:

· The primary control system is a built in dual analog controller; it largely resembles an Xbox 360 controller

· The built in display is five-inch flip up 720p LCD screen.

· Has Google Play game support; this support on the Android based Shield appears to be a big push on the part of Google to get into the market of serious console gaming.

android apps

· Contains an HDMI display and audio output for use of an external display, anything from a monitor to TV screen.

· Has the ability to wirelessly stream games from any computer with a recent Nvidia GTX graphics card, so it has the potential to appeal to the PC gaming crowd as well. The Shield can also be configured simply as a control interface for a PC, to play games that aren’t supported on the Shield.

While the Shield is a sound product with the solid performance delivered by most high-end Nvidia products, a lot will depend on how good of a job Google does in improving its gaming marketplace and reaching out to big game developers and publishers. There is no doubt, however, that the Shield’s high-end GPU will allow for high performance on modern games. The Nvidia Shield also features.

Game Stick:

Another lesser-known console that makes use of Android is the Kickstarter-funded Game Stick. Here’s the details:

· It provides a console with an HDMI port that allows the player to play Android games on their TV.

· The device is completely separate from the core gaming industry, and is designed to play games natively designed for Android only.

· The Game Stick simply provides a television interface to do so. It is availablefor a price under $100.


Another similar and also Kickstarter-funded console is OUYA:

· OUYA is another TV console that allows the user to wirelessly access OnLive’s free-to-play gaming catalog

· While OUYA, like the Game Stick, was not developed by a large brand name, the selection of games from OnLive that it supports tie it more into the mainstream gaming scene than the GameStick, which primarily only supports relaxed, small time games native to Android.

The Top 10 Free Android Apps for Busy Professionals on the Go

download android applications

With the continuous expansion of the Android Os into more mobile devices each day, busy professionals on the go are always seeking out new ways and more Apps to make their Android devices more accommodating to their business needs while they are mobile.

And while most of the Apps that offers them mobile satisfaction are paid ones, there are still a few free Apps that can outperform the said paid apps and are almost a necessity for every Android device that is owned by busy professionals.

Today, I list my top 10 choice of free apps that can enhance your productivity while you are on the go.

1. Yahoo Mail for Android

There are a few alternate email clients that you may be able to use to access your Yahoo Mail account on the Android. But if you want to enjoy all of the same flexibility of Yahoo mail — such as rich text editing, formatting, ease of attachments, and a view of your email just as if you was viewing it on a PC — no other mail client can handle the job as efficient as the Yahoo Mail app for Android.

As a software engineer and ardent critic of technology applications, I was bent on giving Yahoo a gruesome and thorough analysis of this App, which may not had been a fair start. But after one month of research usage and evaluation among my team of three other Android evaluators at the University of Dublin (in Ireland), we had no other choice but to give the Yahoo Mail App for Android a nine out of 10 rating for its ease of use flexibility, speed, beautiful interface, and user friendly menus.

The other one percent was probably withheld out of prejudice and our sheer disbelief that this App could have been so flawless.

Today, it is the most used App on my Android phone, and I am sure it is the same for many other users.

2. WhatsApp Messenger

A little over a year ago this App was still in its infant stage. But today; from the Middle East to Asia, WhatsApp Messenger seems to be rivaling the struggling but dominant blackberry messenger service when it comes to smooth and almost cost free multi-national mobile messaging.

Unlike the complexities of having to get a user’s Blackberry PIN with a series of precise serials, WhatsApp simply connects you to another person half a world away once you have their mobile phone number in your phone’s default address book.

And once their mobile numbers are there, WhatsApp automatically adds them to your available contacts list, thus making it easier for you to know who is using the App and who is not; and by extension, connect with them instantly.

And even if they changes the device or even change their number, WhatsApp makes it seamlessly easy for their contacts to be automatically transferred to the new device, and as such, continue to be in contact with you.

While its additional features includes image file sharing, and instant voice message sharing, the App may need to go a little further to allow for more file exchange flexibilities and a little more intuition to make it more adapted for both business and pleasure.

However, if global mobile messaging for free is on your lists of interest, then it is well worth having WhatsApp on your Android device (or other supported phones Os).

3. Kingsoft Office

Well I have to admit it, Kingsoft Office is indeed a king when it comes to preparing, editing and viewing Microsoft Office documents or any other office productivity document on Android devices.

This well compiled piece of App gives you all of the flexibilities, features, menus and user options that you can find on even the most advance Office suit on your desktop computer. It is like having your desktop office application in the palm of your hands.

During our Android research , I compared this product with almost every major App in its category, and can safely say that it has practically doubled the performance levels of its closest rival.

Walking around with an Android device, and not having this App installed on it, is like simply putting yourself in a less productive position.

4. Camscanner

Whenever you are on the go there is always a need to scan documents, agreements and other information that may be important for later use or subsequent print off.

Well, the Camscanner App has passed my test as a true mobile scanning tool that defies my initially low expectations.

Unlike other Apps where you have to be fixing the document in a perfect position or having to be twisting and angling yourself, zoom in and then zoom out; this App is way pass all that drama.

Just hold or quick focus on the document and touch the scan button, and camscanner (see this video) would do all the rest. It recognizes the document, and automatically trim out all of the other objects around it including any fingers that was holding the document, then quickly converts it into a nice, clean, and crystal clear PDF scanned image just as if you had scanned it on a machine.

Install this App on your Android and you would be surprised at its smart scan capabilities, and how benefiting it can be for you. It’s like walking around with the entire office scanner in the palm of your hands.

5. Drop box

This is a well established app that is very useful for sharing files between your computer and your phone, and would allow you to indirectly edit documents on your PC (even if it is turned) off while you are on the go.

You can then power up your PC later and access the same file from your drop box folder for further review or continuous work.

Other core features includes cloud file storage, and file sharing with as many computers (users) as you may wish, directly or indirectly from your phone or the account itself.

6. Magic Jack

I have used many other Apps on my Android devices for free calling. However, the only one that seems to offer better call quality, and all the other features of a standard telephone for free, regardless of where you are; is the Magic Jack App for Android.

This App pushes your call even through the slowest of an Edge internet connection and offers you the opportunity to call for free year round to the USA and Canada, while an upgrade would be required for minimal paid calling to other countries.

Persons can also call you wherever you may be via a vanity number that is assigned to your phone by the Magic Jack App.

7. Printer Share

There are a lot of Apps that offers you the ability to print from your Android devices, sometimes with many trials and errors.

But the Bluetooth printing, WiFi printing, and network printing options provided by Printer Share, makes it a preferred a preferred App for a business person who simply wants to print their documents on the go, or have the convenience of virtual printing access, minutes before a meeting that may be far away.

It allows the user to print files from his PC drop box folder (even if the PC is in Tokyo and the user is in New York), or it allows the user to print to his business partner’s printer way back in London, using the phone’s internet connection.

If printing on-the-go means something to you, you may indeed want to embrace printer share.

8. Dolphin browser

The generic browser that comes with your Android device can often be slow and cumbersome, and may also restrict you to view web-pages in mobile format only, even though you may sometimes want to see the site’s desktop version on your tablet or your phone.

To make things easier, the Dolphin browser allows you to switch between the desktop and the mobile version of a website with just once touch of an icon.

Unlike other browsers, it allows you to view flash websites and portals using other website features that are usually not accessible on a mobile device.

Though this browser is comparatively slower than Opera mini, its overall performance means that it is within the best of the rest, and is definitely worth a shot on your Android device.

9. AndroZip

Ever received a file in compressed file format on your phone and can’t uncompress it to see what’s inside? Then you may need AndroZip for Android .

This App would allow you to easily uncompress over twenty file formats on your mobile device, and assign the relevant program to view its contents.

This is certainly a reasonably powerful unzipping utility that would have usually been accessible on a desktop computer only.

So if you want to save yourself the file compression hassle while you are on the move, then you may also need to install AndroZip.


10. Team Viewer

You may be on the go, and need to retrieve a document from one of your staff computers or a computer at home; or you may need to review a client list yourself or edit a document back in the office yourself.

With Team Viewer you can view the screen of your computer via your mobile phone screen, and assist your staff with a document or view a document even if you are half a world away.

Using Team Viewer would simply require your staff entering a code to accept your incoming request to view their screen or you can pre-authorize your phone to have unrestricted access to selected computers in the office, and practically control, use or shut down the office PC down, even if you are half a world away.

This may sound a bit creepy and snoopy, but it is a tool that may be more than useful for people having to offer technical or administrative support to someone in an office thousands of miles away.

In conclusion, there are many other Apps that could have easily made this list as they have their own unique features and benefits. But for now, the above seems to be some cool ones that may matters the most for every busy professional on the go.

Android How to – Getting Rid of Root Apps, Resetting Your Phone, and Benchmarking Basics

If you have entered into a mobile phone contract when purchasing a new cell phone, it is very likely that the phone is jam-packed with apps from your mobile service provider.
Providers often install their own current software on the smartphone. Some of them are useful, but many are not. The problem here is that the applications cannot be removed easily and will soon eat up a lot of memory!

To get rid of those applications you need root privileges. Instructions for rooting can be found online on the individual devices. Let me warn you, this will void your warranty.

Worry not, however. I will show you a workaround.

Annoying Manufacturer and Service Provider Apps
For this, download the application Titanium Backup. Before using the app, you should activate it in the “Developer Tools” and their settings mode for USB debugging should be switched on to avoid performance problems.

This is a backup program, but it is great for deleting hard-to-remove preinstalled apps that have been created and installed by the manufacturer or service provider.

Proceed to use the “Backup/Restore,” select the app you want to delete and then tap “Uninstall.” We advise you create backup for all applications and associated data. In the Pro version of the app, which costs about a few dollars, you can use the same backup tool to upload your files to Dropbox so as not to burden the phone memory.

In addition, you should not overzealously delete apps without knowing their tasks. To test whether a system failure could result from deleting the app, you can just freeze a program in the Pro version. The freezing is equivalent to deactivation, the app is still there but it’s not working. If no errors occur and you do not use the application, you can delete.

When All Else Fails
Is your Android Smartphone already beyond repair? Do malfunctions occur? Is the system unbearably slow and apps take forever to launch?

When all else fails, resetting the operating system is your solution. However, before you perform a reset, backup your data and store them. Most management programs from smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung offer this feature.

Even with the free program My Phone Explorer, you can create a backup of your system. In addition, store your data with the previously mentioned Titanium Backup application, provided that you have root privileges. After your data are backed up and stored, start the reset by going to “Privacy Factory Data Reset” and “Factory data reset > Save and Reset” on Android 4.0 in System Preferences. Your data will be removed, and it will initiate an automatic restart. From here, you can configure your smartphone again and reinstall your backup data.

To measure the speed of your Android phone, there are different benchmarks to look at. CPU capacity is one of the most important benchmarks and it is easily calculated by another tool – Smartbench 2012.

The performance of your Android phone’s browser can be measured with the SunSpider benchmark. To start measuring its power, go to the website The SunSpider benchmarking tool measures the time (in milliseconds) it takes for the smartphone to perform a couple of JavaScript tasks.

Along with that, the CPU power is measured in addition to the Internet connection and the browser software. Current Android software bundled with the latest and best hardware can perform the JavaScript tasks in about 1000 milliseconds.


Top 5 Best Free Games for Android

With smartphones becoming all the rage lately, developers have turned their attention to platforms such as Android. Whenever one is on the go, it’s always nice to have some games ready to play. Android is capable of that, and here are the top five games that don’t cost a single penny.

Smartphones, meet the world of physics. You are a ship that is trying to hit a target with a beam, but the game itself is much more difficult than it sounds as it adds things such as mirrors, traps, and other nature defying objects into the mix. A great way to pass some time, Newton is a must-have for those with the Android platform.

Zombie, Run!

Zombie, Run! is a fun little game of avoiding zombies on a GPS map, and while it’s not the most enthusing game to play when you’re bored, it’s a fun passive game. You can even make it more fun by seeing who can avoid the zombies the longest within a group of friends!

Sketch Online

I’m guessing that most of you are familiar with the idea of one person drawing something while the rest of the group guesses what that person draws? A popular game now, Sketch Online just takes that idea and puts it on the Android platform. Personally, it’s much more fun with friends that I know rather than random strangers, but it’s a fun game nevertheless.

Replica Island

Free and open source, Replica Island really is one of the best Android games around. You can tell that it was made especially for the Android platform only by looking at the character you control! The main point of the game is to guide your Android robot through 40 platforming levels to find a mysterious power source. The gameplay is extremely polished, and I found it very easy to maneuver the robot around with the smartphone controls. It’s not just any other platformer, as it contains many twists that you will see if you play it!


Bebbled is your basic puzzle game for the smartphone. The main point of the game is to drop coloured gems onto other coloured gems in order to clear more space. For more gems. However, I must note that the interface is extremely sleek and easy to use, and the gameplay is quite addictive if you push yourself.

android applications gratuit